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Behind the Brand

Hey everyone, I’m Merissa & I own and operate Kittery Ave Customs! The focus at KAC is on custom laser engraved goods for small businesses and gift giving, with a side of custom apparel - all with no minimum order requirements!

In addition to KAC I own a woodworking business (Heath Street Woodworking). KAC was truly born because of HSW; I had started my business and wanted to see my logo on everything! Shirts, sweatshirts, hats, tumblers - you name it. But everywhere I turned I found myself having to meet minimum order requirements that I just couldn’t meet. In an effort to still get all my swag made, I started down the road of making it myself!

Naturally, like all makers do, I instantly got hooked on the process & decided to start offering my services to other small businesses. I added an Epilog Laser to my arsenal in early 2021 and KAC slowly began to build around it. Now, here I am looking to brand all the stuff you could ever want! Logos? Artwork? Whatever you want, I’m ready for the challenge!

In addition to branding, I offer a lot of jigs & templates designed for woodworkers because I’m still very much a part of the woodworking community. When I’m not running the laser or making apparel you’ll find me in my workshop building custom furniture.

Alrighty, that’s enough about me. Thanks for stopping by!!

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