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Clear acrylic ornaments custom engraved with your child's handwriting! Preserve their handwriting forever with a set of these unique, one-of-a-kind gifts that are sure to make every parent, grandparent, and loved one shed a tear this Christmas! 

Sold in sets of 4. Each set can be all the same or unique!

By default each ornament is engraved with Merry Christmas 2023 (as shown in the photos). If you'd prefer something else please include the exact text you'd like in your email to us when sending your handwriting photo(s).

Size: 2.25" diameter
Color: Clear with white text

Handwriting Requirements:
1) Writing their Names:
Please use a clean piece of plain white paper (not lined), and have each child write their name using a black pen or sharpie. Please try and have the kids not overlap their names! The further apart they are the better.
2) Capturing their Handwriting:
Place the paper in a well-lit area and take a clear picture of all their handwriting (or one name at a time). Please try and avoid any shadows! The more crisp and unobstructed the picture, the better the end result and the easier our job is!
3) Send in their Handwriting:
Please email the picture(s) to artwork@kitteryavecustoms.com.

Customer Reviews

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Favorite Christmas Keepsake

These are my favorite sweet little keepsake for our tree! I love that I get the kids' handwriting, and it's special for them year after year to unwrap their personal ornaments and hang them up. I will enjoy these for a lifetime! They have also made a special gift for the grandparents!