Flowers Die Knives Kill Merch

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What's this all about?! Allow me to explain: In November of 2021 my husband and I were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary. Since my hubby clearly knows the way to my heart, he bought me a new pocket knife in lieu of the typical schmoozy gifts one would expect. I was pumped beyond belief, and in my excitement he casually said, "ya know, some women like flowers. Not you." Without a seconds hesitation I quipped back, "well, flowers die, knives kill." And thus, my motto was born!

Instantly a knife bouquet began to form in my brain, but lacking all artistic abilities I knew I couldn't bring it to life. I roped Tiff from Night Carver Designs into creating it for me and she did not disappoint! So there you have it, the creation of the oddest yet most badass bit of swag that I offer.

Sticker Size: 2.71" x 3"
Magnet Size: 2.71" x 3"